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Based in Holborn, London at the famous Cockpit Arts Studios since 2006, Teri creates hand-crafted contemporary jewellery designs which feature her signature crochet techniques.

DNA Drop Earrings - Sterling & Fine Silver


DNA Drop Earrings - Sterling & Fine Silver


These drop earrings are really easy to wear - refreshingly light they hang just below the lobe and close to the face.  Individual crochet stitches are cast on to a sturdy central core which is shaped and formed by hand. Stitches are worked around the spiral to form the beautiful detailing.

They have a gentle movement as the wearer moves and the stitches catch the light. Their curving sculptural form looks good from both the front and side views.

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22mm x 22mm spiral, length including hook is 4cm. Supplied with a clear rubber stopper for added security. Supplied with an Anti-Tarnish storage pocket to keep the silver bright and fresh.

Finished designs are tumble-polished to harden the crochet stitches.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery - if you have a shorter deadline in mind please email me as I may be able to send quicker at certain times of the year.

Background image by Joel Degen