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Based in Holborn, London at the famous Cockpit Arts Studios since 2006, Teri creates hand-crafted contemporary jewellery designs which feature her signature crochet techniques.

CIRCLE Champagne Diamond Pendant, 18ct Gold


CIRCLE Champagne Diamond Pendant, 18ct Gold


Champagne Diamond Pendant. Hand crocheted 18ct Gold with 16 sparkling Champagne coloured diamonds crocheted into every stitch around the outer edge. Hung on an 18ct Gold Diamond Cut chain for maximum sparkle.

Boho bling - wear anytime! Also makes a great Valentine's present.

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The core structure is 18ct Gold, with 18ct Gold crochet stitches. The Champagne diamonds have a hole drilled centrally and are threaded onto the wire and crocheted into individual stitches to fasten them permanently in place.

All pieces are sent in beautiful gift boxes with hand-tied ribbon fastenings.

Background image by Joel Degen