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Based in Holborn, London at the famous Cockpit Arts Studios since 2006, Teri creates hand-crafted contemporary jewellery designs which feature her signature crochet techniques.

CIRCLE Black Diamond Pendant, Rhodium plated Silver


CIRCLE Black Diamond Pendant, Rhodium plated Silver


Black Diamond Pendant. Hand crocheted rhodium-plate silver with 16 tiny black diamonds crocheted into each stitch around the outer edge. With just under half a carat of diamonds used. Hung on a rhodium-plated silver chain with a discreet spring clasp.

Designed to have an entirely different effect from clear diamonds, I often refer to this design as "anti-bling bling!". The black diamonds glitter darkly and intriguingly from their camouflaged surroundings.

Choose either a 16" or 18" chain.

Makes a great present - especially for an 18th or 21st Birthday. Subversive bling - wear anytime! Also great for a Valentine's Day surprise.

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The core structure is Sterling Silver, with Fine Silver crochet stitches. The black diamonds have a hole drilled centrally and are threaded onto the wire and placed into individual stitches to fasten them permanently in place.

Black Rhodium plating is a surface treatment and may wear on raised parts through skin contact over time. I have specified a 'hard' coating which will last longer than 'flash' plating.

If an item no longer meets your satisfaction it can be returned for re-plating at a small cost. See my terms and conditions for further info concerning plated designs.

All pieces are sent in beautiful gift boxes with hand-tied ribbon fastenings.

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